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Includes highly relevant business analysis.  Brad Rathgeber is the executive director of the Online School for Girls.

This survey paints a picture of the independent school landscape in regard to technology-enabled learning.

Synopsis: The challenges of a competitive environment, classroom differentiation, Learning Support staff and a weak extra-curricular program produced clear gaps in educational achievement and had a significant impact on admissions and retention at The School. Following a strategic relocation, The School made no-cost adjustments to enhance the program as well as numerous strategic investments to improve educational quality, admissions and retention, all of which produced line-item surpluses within two years. Over a four-year period enrollment school-wide increased by 50%, acceptances to the most competitive universities dramatically improved, and the admissions and development departments were professionalized and showed improved yields. This case study describes the context, programmatic changes and investments that The School made. It includes relevant statistics and charts, and a link to a simple spreadsheet customizable for any school to model potential investments in their own program.

Includes analysis to help advocate for any blended learning programs. This is presented in the context of the creation of Blended Learning materials for Judaic studies curriculum.

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